FACT: No two golf swings are ever the same. I am not a “method teacher” , which is one way of instructing all students. I focus on making each student better based on their individual abilities, but there are key fundamentals I believe every student needs to properly achieve in order to maximize their potential. As an instructor, I am always searching for ways to learn and adapt to different styles, athletic abilities, learning behaviors and latest and greatest theories. My goal for each lesson is to educate the student on why the ball is doing what it's doing and how maximize the best results. Once a student understands the "why", they are able to self-correct without my presence. I also try to emphasize tempo, balance and connection using drills, exercises and shot simulations. Not only do I work on the biomechanics of the swing with video analysis, but I also feel that "on course" instruction is necessary to transfer what is learned on the range to the course. "On course" instruction is a great way to get results and achieve goals by working on numerous shots and scenarios, as well as the mental game, strategy and course management. I enjoy helping others learn more about the game of golf and most importantly watching my students reach levels they never thought imaginable!

Customizing Instruction to the Individual, Based on Goals & Abilities
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